Where’s our thanks?

Where’s our thanks?
The Brooklyn Paper / Gersh Kuntzman

The people that are calling the shots in Coney Island, they don’t have the right to call the shots. They know nothing about Coney Island.

Even Mayor Bloomberg — you think he and his family and his $17 billion come to Coney Island? I’ve never seen Valerio and his family here. If they did come to Coney Island, they would realize what Coney Island is about.

If I was going to go to the Museum of Natural History, and I was going to go inside and get rid of all the old stuff that people go there for and put new stuff in, that would automatically be stopped. So what makes Coney Island anything less than the Museum of Natural History, when the simple fact is, Coney Island’s been around for 125 years? And everything about Coney Island, from the Boardwalk they want to turn into cement, to the buildings that they are in the process of knocking down, they’re not keeping any of it? There’s room for everybody.

Bloomberg’s just one person — I have nothing personal against him, but not for nothing, he’s not a god. Here’s a guy who’s calling the shots, and he’s so out of touch with the world. How does this guy get to make the shots to change history? Why not put a new dress on the Statue of Liberty? Why not rename George Washington Bridge Bloomberg’s Bridge?

If I wanted to go to a new modern park, I would be going to Great Adventure, because they have one roller coaster that’s the size of Coney Island. The people that want that go there, and the people that like the old-school, old-time, laid-back parks came to Coney Island. It’s nice to give people choice. The reason the tourists came here, and what’s always made Coney Island the attraction it is, was to see a 125-year-old amusement park. And I know this first-hand because I’m there. But what’s it about now? What makes Coney Island different?

We’re given until Nov. 15 to get out. We weren’t told thank you, you’ve been getting people to Coney Island all these years. We didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to our customers. We could have went out in style. We did nothing wrong to deserve this.

I’ll be the last one standing, one way or another. That’s the thing about me. The difference between winners and losers is losers accept losing, and winners don’t. I’ve been a winner my whole life, and I don’t plan on taking a loss so easily right now. I’m not in denial; if you beat me fair, I’m more than man enough to shake your hand and say good fight. But when I’m right, I’m also man enough to say go f— yourself.

Anthony Berlingieri, owns the Shoot The Freak booth, one of nine booted Boardwalk businesses.