Who’s who? Aspiring DA Abe George vs. retired judge Abe Gerges

Abe George throws down gauntlet against DA Hynes
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Former Manhattan prosecutor Abe George wants to take on longtime Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, but very few in the borough know the 33-year-old.

Yet there’s something that may work in his favor — misplaced name recognition.

His name is pretty close to, and is sometimes confused with, that of Abe Gerges, an affable former Brooklyn Heights councilman and retired Supreme Court judge.

Will this subconscious association benefit George? We’ll see. Here’s how the two men measure up:

Grew up in:

Gerges: Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights

George: Sheepshead Bay


Gerges: Boys High School, Brooklyn College, New York Law School

George: Midwood High School, NYU, Hofstra

Previous jobs:

Gerges: Former councilman, supreme court judge

George: Former assistant district attorney


Gerges: Make his mother proud

George: Become Brooklyn’s next DA

Thoughts on DA Hynes:

Gerges: “He’s a great district attorney, and has a lot of innovative programs that I admire.”

George: “DA Hynes is failing to protect children and he’s failing to protect the public from crime.”

Secret passion:

Gerges: Latin dancing

George: White water rafting — even though he can’t swim.

— with Daniel Solomon

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Abe Gerges is not running for District Attorney.
The Brooklyn Paper / Julie Rosenberg