Williamsburg Market opens in place of former food hall, bringing something new and ‘interesting’ to nabe

Williamsburg Market on North Third Street shut its doors Tuesday after four months in operation.
Williamsburg Market on North Third Street opens in place of former food hall.
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Williamsburg Market has opened for business at 103 North 3rd Street, reviving a once-vibrant food hall in its place.

Pre-pandemic, 103 North 3rd Street had been home to the well-attended North 3rd Street Market. After the permanent closing of the food hall due to COVID-19, a new team came together to renovate the space, and rebrand it as Williamsburg Market.

The plan to remake and remodel the marketplace began just earlier this year.

“It was quick, we didn’t sleep too much throughout the year but we’re super happy,” said Cameron Schur, Williamsburg Market’s managing partner.

The new high-end food court held its grand opening on Nov. 10, and since then, they’ve already seen support from locals and visitors alike.

“It’s going great,” said Schur. “The outpouring of excitement and support from the neighborhood, I think that because there was a food hall in the space before, our neighbors were really excited to welcome us back and it’s just been such a cool feeling. Lots of people are stopping by and checking out all of our new vendors, so it’s been very cool.”

Williamsburg Market hopes to bring some color to the community with its slate of unique vendors.

When choosing who to bring in, Schur said, “We were looking for high quality chef driven concepts, who were going to bring something interesting to Williamsburg. I happen to live in the neighborhood myself, it’s a dynamic neighborhood.”

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Williamsburg Market is home to some newer restaurants — as well as some outposts of beloved Brooklyn establishments.

“We have some very young concepts who are trying something out for the very first time but we thought showed a ton of promise and really had something cool and interesting to offer,” said Schur. “We also have DeFaro Pizza, a very established brand that has been around and has been serving New Yorkers for 50 something years and we knew that they would bring love with some amazing pizza.”

Other vendors include Harlem Seafood Soul, Paper Plate, Urbanbelly, Temakase Hand Roll Bar, Mexology, Alidoro Italian Sandwich Shop, BKLYN Wild, Effin Egg, Oh-K Dog, and Newlight Breadworks.

Schur said there will eventually be a total of 16 eateries within Williamsburg Market.

“There are a few more that are moving in over the next month or so, which is really cool,” he said.

To top it all off, Williamsburg Market features an al fresco dining space and a cocktail bar — perfect for those warmer months.

Although the location itself might warrant visitors, Schur is still positive that the food will be the central attraction.

“I really do think that the beating heart of any food hall, and certainly ours, is the food and our vendors,” he said. “We’re just super excited to provide all of these interesting food options under one roof right in the heart of Williamsburg. We can’t wait to have [people] stop by for some great food and maybe even a cocktail.”