Knife-wielding criminal loots Kings Highway convenience store



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Blind bandit

A knife-wielding robber stole eye drops from a convenience store on Kings Highway on Feb. 13.

An employee told police that the pilferer brandished a knife in the store at the corner of  Coney Island Avenue at around 9 pm, before grabbing $118 worth of eye drops and running off. 

Time thief

A purloiner swiped cash and watches from an apartment on East 17th Street on Feb. 14.

The victim told police the burglar broke into the vacant apartment near Avenue R at around 9 am and stole $16,500 worth of ill-gotten goods.

Cash grab

A freebooter snagged cash and bank checks from a car parked on McDonald Avenue on Feb. 14.

Surveillance video shows the thief breaking into the side door of the vehicle at the corner of Avenue U at around 2 pm, and stealing the $5,880 worth of cash and checks.

What a pane

A bandit stole part of a basement window from a home on E. First Street on Feb. 11.

The victim told police that he woke up in his house at the corner of Avenue W and found part of the window gone, but nothing was missing from inside.