Photo by Aaron Short

Nobody rocks harder than Williamsburg — and the Northside Festival proves it.

More than 200 bands entertained ebullient music fans this past weekend at the sprawling arts festival that stretched from Broadway to Ash Street.

The weekend kicked off with a sold-out sunset show from Zach Condon’s brassy Beirut — perhaps the highlight of the weekend.

The hour-long set enraptured the throngs gathered for the Open Space Alliance benefit show.

But there was more music to come, as Midwestern indie stalwarts Guided By Voices held court on Saturday night after the Babies, Surfer Blood, and Wavves warmed up the crowd.

And Williamsburg’s music venues were jammed for three days straight with showcases, parties, and revelry.

It’s hard to imagine how the festival could get even larger next year — maybe if they throw concerts in Queens.

Guided By Voices, with bassist Greg Demos, rocked Williamsburg hard for two hours during its reunion tour at the Northside Festival.
Photo by Aaron Short