Bruiser attacks man with a brick


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

What the brick!

An assailant attacked a man with a brick on S. Elliott Place on March 8.

The victim told police that the wacko repeatedly struck him with the block on his wrist and hip near Dekalb Avenue at 10:10 am, before threatening to shoot the victim with a gun. 

Crime delivery

Multiple gunmen ambushed a deliveryman on Waverly Avenue on March 5.

The victim told police that five gun-wielding knaves approached near Dekalb and Lafayette avenues at 8:30 pm and demanded that he hand over cash — before fleeing with an ill-gotten $20 in cash.

I’ll bring it right back!

A scofflaw stole a pricey bike from a Flushing Avenue bike shop on March 6.

The victim told police that the weasel took a $6,000 two-wheeler for a test drive from the store between Vanderbilt and Clermont avenues at around 1 pm, but pedaled off without returning.

Pricey loot

A thief raided a man’s storage unit at Grand Avenue between Feb. 12 and March 6.

The victim told police that the swindler had grabbed a projector, cables, computer accessories, and other goods worth a total of more than $9,000 from his locker near Park Avenue.