Attention all restaurants: Brooklyn Paper and our partner The World’s Fare are here to help

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At Schneps Media, we know that you and your fellow restaurateurs are struggling through this crisis and we want to help. Our plan is at no cost to you, will begin immediately and will continue ‘post-crisis’. The plan comes in two steps.

Step one is to offer you a listing in a directory that we will distribute to all of our New York City and Long Island readers across print, digital and email newsletters. The listing will communicate to patrons the delivery and pick up services you are offering during the crisis. We will also share a link to your website, menu and/or social channels. We ask in exchange for the promotion of your restaurant that you offer our readers a discount of at least 10% off of their orders.

We know that this crisis is just the beginning of the struggle to keep your restaurants afloat, so we are creating a way to continue to support your establishment in the long term. We will promote your restaurant through the Schneps Media network and on The World’s Fare website promoted throughout our media outlets and a citywide PR campaign.

We welcome you to join us as we work with you to rebuild your businesses together. Please sign up by visiting www.theworldsfare.nyc and complete the Restaurant Sign-Up form. Together we will go far!

Schneps Media publishes over 70 newspapers, magazines, events, websites and podcasts throughout Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Westchester, and Long Island.

The World’s Fare is a celebration of diversity through cuisine. For the past two years, the World’s Fare has welcomed over 20,000 individuals to Citi Field to enjoy cuisine from around the world.