Bad news! Crime on rise in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

Car thefts, robberies and burglaries rose in Williamsburg and Greenpoint this year — but violent crime remained low.

Overall crime increased this past year in both the 94th Precinct, which covers Greenpoint and the northside of Williamsburg, and the 90th Precinct, which covers Bushwick and Williamsburg south of Metropolitan Avenue.

But the biggest jumps were car thefts, which rose more than 20 percent in both precincts, from 135 last year to 165 this year in Williamsburg, and from 120 last year to 145 this year in Greenpoint.

Brooklynites were also robbed more frequently in the 90th Precinct, which saw incidents rise 12.2 percent, from 328 in 2009 to 368 this year, and the 94th Precinct, which saw incidents rise 10.3 percent.

Police were still seeking information regarding suspects in one notorious Williamsburg robbery in September last year, when four suspects forced two victims into their Bedford Avenue apartment and robbed them, striking one victim with a handgun before fleeing in a van on S. Fifth Street.

Burglaries also rose, particularly in Greenpoint, where 10 percent more apartments were broken into than during the same period last year. In all, there were about 240 break-ins by year’s end.

Graham Avenue was hit with a spate of burglaries around the holidays, although there were almost twice as many burglaries in the 90th Precinct— about 464 — as Greenpoint.

But Greenpoint residents had some reason to celebrate this year, as there were zero murders recorded in the 94th Precinct, compared with three last year.
There were two murders in the 90th Precinct, down from six in 2009.

It’s not statistically significant, but it’s good news either way.