Blue Men raise green for Vermont

Blue Men raise green for Vermont

You don’t need to cover yourself with cobalt blue paint to get people’s attention, but it may not hurt.

The cast and crew of Blue Man Group held a huge fundraiser for Vermont victims of Hurricane Irene at Brooklyn Bowl on Oct. 10, and their surprise performance shook even the most complacent hipsters from their cool.

“We picked out this one guy to help us read index cards who had ear-plugs [hole-piercings] and was pretty laid back,” the captain of the Blue Man Group, Isaac Littlejohn Eddy, said describing the silent mime-troupe’s on-stage antics.

“Normally, this guy would probably never think of himself as someone who would state proudly, ‘I like maple syrup’ in front of a bunch of people.”

But at the behest of the silent blue men, profess his love for maple syrup he did.

About 400 people showed up for the party at the carnivalesque hotspot and bowling alley, paying $20 ($120 if you also wanted free bowling) to enjoy the indigo boys’ antics as well as performances by Amanda Palmer and the London Souls.

Amanda Palmer opened up the fundraiser for Irene victims.

Palmer sang about 10 songs, including duets with Julia Nunes, as well as a surprise rendition of “Blowing in the Wind” with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary.

“Playing with Peter was a revelation,” Palmer told us, in between appearences performing at Occupy Wall Street. “I felt like I was receiving a pure folk transmission.”

The event was as successful a fundraiser as it was a party.

Roughly $9,000 was raised for Vermont, which was far more damaged by Hurrican’t Irene than we were.

To donate, go to ivermontny.tumblr.com.

A Blue Man pauses to think about the flood damage sustained by Vermont (which is why, perhaps, he’s blue).