Brownstone Agency offers trifecta of benefits for apartment building owners

brownstone agency
The Brownstone Agency offers a trifecta of benefits for building owners.
Photo by Susan De Vries

There are plenty of building insurance brokers, why go with Brownstone Agency? Here are three reasons:

Better pricing

This is Brownstone Agency’s special sauce, a product that no other agency offers: a three-year prepaid policy that will alleviate the shock of 25 percent annual increases.

One call

With many insurance agencies, you need to make one call when filing a claim, another call to settle accounting issues, etc. Brownstone Agency is a full service provider, meaning one phone call or an email is all you need to get your answers delivered to you in a timely fashion. No more headaches — put away the aspirin.

Opportunities for credit

Building owners can get credits for practicing “good housekeeping.”  For example, is there an intercom? Is the sidewalk in great condition? Is the building is good shape? Brownstone Agency will arrange for an inspector to check out the building so owners can get relief on their bill.

To protect your investment, and for the best customer service, reach out to Brownstone Agency today and ask about coverage.