Brute drags woman on the ground trying to steal backpack

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Unsuccessful theft

A violent crook assaulted a woman and tried to steal her backpack on 86th Street on Oct. 11.

The victim was walking to the train station near Avenue V at 6:30 am when the thief hit her on the head, causing her to fall to the ground, police said.

The brute continued to hit her four more times and tried to take her backpack, while the woman screamed for help, according to the police.

The suspect then fled the scene without the woman’s backpack.

Dragging dirtbag

A lout pushed a woman to the ground and stole her bag on Brighton 13th Street on Oct. 11.

The victim told cops she was walking near Brighton Beach Avenue at 5:25 pm when the villain pushed her to the ground from behind and grabbed her brown bag, containing cash and her car keys. The woman held on to the bag while the baddie dragged her on the ground a few feet, before she lost her grip, according to authorities, who added that she sustained scratches on her right elbow and knee.

The nogoodnik fled toward Ocean View Avenue, according to police.

Backpack bandits

A group of ruffians assaulted two teens and stole one boy’s backpack on Bay 43rd Street on Oct. 12.

The victims told police they were getting food after school near Stillwell Avenue at 2:55 pm when they were approached by a large group of goons, who punched and kicked the teens.

One boy’s bag — which contained his iPhone 8 Plus and money — was stolen, and one of the victims was transported to Coney Island Hospital, police reported.

Flashlight felony

Police arrested a man who they say whacked a guy in the head with a flashlight and threatened to stab him on W. 24th Street on Oct. 10.

The suspect was found with a kitchen knife when officers arrested him near Surf Avenue at 5:30 pm, according to cops.

Screen steal

A bandit stole a video store employee’s phone on Brighton Beach Avenue on Oct. 8.

The victim was stocking shelves at the store near Brighton Second Street 1:40 pm when the thief snatched his iPhone X and fled, police said.

Purse snatcher

A sneak thief stole a sleeping woman’s purse on the F train on Oct. 5.

The victim told police she fell asleep on the train from Forest Hills and found her purse was stolen when she woke up near Surf Avenue at 10 pm.

Car crook

A brigand broke into a woman’s car on Neptune Avenue sometime overnight on Oct. 10.

The victim told police that she parked her car near W. Sixth Street at 7 pm and when she returned the next day, her driver’s side window was broken and her Apple MacBook, portable printer, and clothes were missing from the car.

— Brianna Kudisch

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