Cyclist and pedestrian collide in another Prospect Park crash

Cyclist and pedestrian collide in another Prospect Park crash
Courtesy of Stephen Brown

Another cyclist collided with a pedestrian on Prospect Park’s accident-plagued roadway, where the city plans to remove a lane of car traffic to bring order to the street.

A male biker in racing garb hit a young woman near the park’s Lincoln Road entrance on Tuesday night. Neither was seriously injured, according to park-goers and city officials.

Two police vehicles responded at around 8:30 pm on the west side of the street, in a lane where park-goers have long complained about hazy right-of-way rules.

Cops at the 78th Precinct did not immediately have details about what caused the crash or who was at fault.

The accident comes after several near-fatal bike-pedestrian collisions and a ticket blitz against cyclists on the park’s well-used loop. It’s unclear exactly how many crashes have occurred on the roadway, but The Brooklyn Paper has tallied at least five in the past nine months.

In response to the accidents — one of which landed a park volunteer in a medically induced coma — the city first installed cones to slow cyclists then unveiled a roadway redesign plan that will remove a lane of car traffic to grant cyclists, walkers and cars a roughly equal amount of space.

Prospect Park Spokesman Paul Nelson said the roadway design would be installed by early May.

“We think it’s an opportunity to improve safety,” said Prospect Park administrator Emily Lloyd.

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