Eat up at the second annual TASTE Williamsburg food fest

Eat up at the second annual TASTE Williamsburg food fest
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Taste this, Brooklyn!

Sunday’s second annual TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint gustatory block party will be a culinary bonanza featuring Fette Sau, Dumont, Dressler, Juliette, Caracas Arepas Bar and more than three dozen other top restaurants dishing out innovative bites.

The event benefits the Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center — but you get the present, thanks to six “tastes” and four drinks for $35, or unlimited eats for $95 (if you want unlimited booze with that, tack on $55).

It’s a perfect way to showcase the current state of North Brooklyn food, which is, in a word, awesome.

“The Williamsburg and Greenpoint food scene is exciting in that it’s always morphing — from Polish, to Mexican, to tail-to-snout butchery and cuisine,” said Felice Kirby, owner of Teddy’s Bar and Grill and a co-chairwoman of the event.

All your eating and drinking is for a good cause; the Northside Center will eventually be the home of two long-time community groups — Neighbors Allied for Good Growth and the People’s Firehouse — as well as provide affordable meeting space and house a first-floor gallery.

“We’re located just one block away from the Town Hall, so it only makes sense to help the community we serve in whatever way possible,” said Sasha Miranda, chef/owner of Miranda restaurant on Berry Street. “We participated last year, and it’s a great way to eat good food and meet new people, all in the name of a worthy cause!”

TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint (North 11th Street between Kent Avenue and the Williamsburg Waterfront in Williamsburg), Sept. 18 at 1 pm. Tickets start at $35, and can be purchased at www.brownpapertickets.com/event/193737. For info, visit tastewg.wordpress.com.

Chef Sasha Miranda will also be there with her empanaditas filled with kale, ricotta salata, sundried tomatoes and raisins.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini