Gym members: The hardwood floor at the Dodge YMCA is on crack

Gym members: The hardwood floor at the Dodge YMCA is on crack
Community Newspaper Group / Daniel Bush

Soccer players at the Dodge YMCA are demanding that the sports club fix its busted hardwood gym — the result of an unrepaired six-year-old ceiling leak that’s made part of the court unplayable.

“They’re charging us full price for membership, but they’re giving us half a gym,” said Jake Flemmer, 33, who plays soccer on Monday and Thursdays, but has considered finding a new place to play ball.

“Soccer is the reason I joined the gym,” added Fazl Aljahmee, 22, a longtime member. “The floor is a liability.”

The glitzy Atlantic Avenue facility, whose lush amenities include a pool and sauna, became instantly popular with neighborhood residents after it opened in 2005 in the first two floors of a building between Court Street and Boerum Place.

But the gym’s ceiling started leaking after heavy rainstorms because of a defective green roof, and the floorboards warped, rendering the gym unplayable.

The YMCA replaced those damaged planks in May, after the building’s owner installed a new roof.

“We thought we were good,” said Elizabeth Toledo, the gym’s executive director.

But then Hurricane Irene hit.

The ceiling started leaking again, and the newly installed boards buckled and cracked.

In response, the YMCA has cordoned off the area with cones — and sometimes closes half of the gym floor altogether.

Members who pay $65 a month said they’re at wits end.

“Why didn’t the Y take care of it sooner?” said Antoine Saccone, 24. “Eventually its going to catch up on them.”

Toledo said the YMCA is working to fix the floor as quickly as possible.

Building owners David and Jed Walentas declined to comment.

Man, you can’t play on that.
Community Newspaper Group / Daniel Bush