He was a one-man — make that one-teen — crime wave

Williamsburg has seen a spike in robberies in recent weeks, but police believe they have their man — or rather, their boy.

A 15 year-old boy was arrested on April 2 for four robberies committed in Williamsburg this year.

His method of attack was similar in both March 25 attacks. Cops say that the arrested boy, plus an unapprehended partner, wielded a gun, then demanded cash or other property and fled on foot.

In one of the cases, the partner hit the victim with a Taser-like stun gun while the arrested teenager flaunted what appeared to be a handgun.

Police apprehended the suspect for the two robberies committed near Moore and Leonard streets. Detectives positively identified the alleged crook in two other robberies that occurred days before, increasing the perp’s charges.

“To get this guy on four robberies, that’s a significant arrest,” said 90th Precinct Deputy Inspector Michael Kemper.

Robberies have spiked in Williamsburg in recent weeks. Last week, there were seven robberies, compared with four during the same seven-day period in 2009, and there have been 33 robberies over the past month, a 50-percent increase from the same period last year.

This year, there have been 81 robberies, a 12.5-percent increase from 2009.

Police believe they are making a dent in the crime spree, though Kemper noted several hot spots, including the corner of McKibbin and White Streets, after dark.

On April 10, two perpetrators approached their victims on that corner at 1 am wielding a handgun while forcefully demanding cash. Neither the robber nor his sidekick has been apprehended.

East Williamsburg residents, including Wayan Zooey, has noticed a number of police cars driving around the neighborhood late at night, but they are not guarding the Bogart Street subway entrance as an officer did last year.

“It hasn’t seemed any less safe than usual,” said Zooey, who works at a music store a block away from the robbery scene. “I am a little bit surprised there’s an issue.”

But Paul D’Agostino, who also lives nearby, has overheard neighbors talking about muggings off Bogart Street.

“I heard kids talking in front of Brooklyn Natural that he got jumped on McKibbin Street two weeks ago,” said D’Agostino.