Knife-wielding thief robs cab driver

72nd Precinct

Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Backseat thief

A knifeman robbed a cab driver from the backseat of a taxi stopped at 47th Street on Dec. 11.

The victim told police that, upon arriving at his passengers destination between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 8:25 pm, he suddenly felt the cold steel of a knife pressed to his throat.

“Don’t move, or you’ll get stabbed,” the backseat baddie said into the cabbie’s ear.

The crook then reached into the driver’s right pocket, nabbing $2,765, before snatching his cellphone from the center console, and car keys from the ignition, according to police.

Afterwards, the thief took off on foot towards Fifth Avenue, leaving his victim unharmed save for a small nick on the side of his neck, cops said.

Bad bump

Cops arrested a 40-year-old woman after she allegedly flew into a profanity-laced rage and attacked another woman aboard a D train at the 36th Street Subway Station on Dec. 11.

The victim told police she accidentally bumped into the suspect aboard a Manhattan-bound D train at the station near Fourth Avenue at 8:30 am, when the lady went berserk and started screaming at her, before smacking her with an umbrella and slashing the woman’s face with her keys.

Another straphanger moved to step in on the victim’s behalf, and then he got keyed too, suffering lacerations to his face and hands, cops said.

Officers cuffed the woman that day on felony assault charges, according to police.

— Colin Mixson