Lake Simons’s new show is life upside down

Lake Simons’s new show is life upside down
Photo by Michael Bodycomb

Get ready to throw all sense of reality out the door.

In “Etiquette Unraveled,” a new one-woman show at the Red-Space in DUMBO from Feb. 3 to 13, Lake Simons dances, mimes, clowns and even uses puppets to show how a commuter’s daily life can become fantastically chaotic.

This being a solo performance, Simons seamlessly switches back-and-forth between her main character and these random, gender-bending guest stars, which include a cowboy and a sea captain.

“The mundane actions of the daily life of a worker set up the character imagining what else is out there in the world,” said Simons, who wrote the play with Chad Lynch. “At that point, I take on other personas.”

“Etiquette Unraveled” has an actual plot, but each performance will be slightly different because Simons delivers many of her lines off-the-cuff, as her emotions drive the dialogue between the various characters she portrays.

“It’s pretty much a different show every night because my emotions change,” Simons said. “That’s part of the joy of performing the piece.”

“Etiquette Unraveled” at Red-Space [10 Jay St. at John Street in DUMBO], Feb. 3-13, Thursday-Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 5:30 pm. For info, visit onearmred.com.