Look out for the pumpkin bomb!

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Pumpkin bomb

Two young girls clobbered a woman with a pumpkin in the back of the head on Nov. 9.

The victim told cops that she was walking to the doctor’s office on Grace Court near Hicks Street at around 2:15 pm when the large orange gourd knocked her to the ground. As she collected herself, she saw two girls running away laughing.

But the post-Halloween pair did not get far, as the 42-year-old woman managed to stop the kids and demand their IDs. Each of the troublemakers reportedly gave the classic excuse: “It wasn’t me, it was her!”

Clearly, there is no honor among pumpkin tossers.


A thief swiped a purse from an employee at the Atlantic Super Clean on Atlantic Avenue on Nov. 10.

The victim told cops that she stashed her purse behind a counter at the Laundromat, which is between Nevins and Bond streets, at around 5:30 pm to help customers.

When she returned her attention to it about two hours later, the bag, containing $500, earrings, a bracelet and an ID, was missing.

Bump and run

At least two larcenies within the confines of the 84th Precinct involved the reliable “bump and swipe” tactic:

• A thief bumped a man at Smith and Livingston streets and stole the phone off his belt on Nov. 9.

The victim told cops that he was jostled at around 2:30 pm and later noticed that the thief had swiped his Blackberry.

• A thief bumped a woman shopping at a 99 Cent Store on Hoyt Street on Nov 12.

The victim said she was shopping at the store at Livingston Street at around 2:15 pm when the bozo bumped into her and took off. Moments later, she realized her purse had been opened and she was missing an assortment of credit cards, an ID, and $100.

Tended to

At least two people paid a heavy price for leaving their items unattended last week. Here’s a rundown:

• A thief stole a wad of cash from a worker’s desk drawer on Elm Place on Nov. 10.

The victim said that she was working at Arbor We Care between Fulton and Livingston streets and had stashed her wallet in her desk at around 3 pm. When she returned to it three hours later, she realized the thief had stolen her billfold, which contained an assortment of credit cards and a whopping $2,590.

• A thief stole an inattentive shopper’s purse at the Dr. Jays on the Fulton Mall on Nov. 11.

The victim told cops that she had placed her bag on a clothing rack in the store between Elm Place and Hoyt Street at around 5:30 pm while she checked out a coat. Moments later, she realized that her purse, containing a Blackberry, $520 and an assortment of credit cards, was missing.

Camera caper

A thief stole $21,000 in camera equipment from a photography office on Washington Street.

The victim, who works for Catchlight Digital, told cops he had last seen the equipment in a storage room at the office between Water and Front streets at around 11 am on Nov. 1. Sometime over the next two weeks, the gear — including a $15,000 tripod — was taken.


A burglar sneaked into a Hicks Street apartment and stole an iPhone and cash overnight on Nov. 13.

The victim told cops that he had gone to bed in his apartment at Montague Street at around 11 pm. The next day, he realized that his hip cellphone and $500 were missing. The victim suspected the thief had entered through an unlocked window.

Bad kids

A band of kids ransacked a Third Avenue bodega and stole some bread after a worker refused to sell them cigarettes and booze on Nov. 11.

A worker at the Franklin Grocery between St. Marks Place and Bergen Street told cops that eight teenage boys and one girl walked into the store at around 7:30 pm and tried to buy the legal drugs. When he refused to sell the stuff, the kids tipped over a bread rack. When the employee tried to stop them, the girl in the group clocked him in the face.

Left lights on

A burglar crept into a Third Avenue apartment on Nov. 8, stole $2,000 in tools, jewelry, and a MacBook — and even left all the lights on.

The resident told cops that she had last been in her apartment between St. Marks Place and Bergen Street at around 10 am. When she returned 10 hours later, her home was illuminated and she was missing a necklace, an assortment of earrings, and a ring, along with the other gear.

Car squawk

At least two cars were broken into last week. Here is how it all went down:

• A thief broke the passenger-side window of a 2000 Audi and stole a diamond pendant and iPod Touch on Nov. 7. The victim told cops that he had parked his ride at Prospect and Bridge streets at around 9 am. About 13 hours later his stuff was gone.

• A thief stole a bevy of Hostess Coffee Cakes from a delivery truck parked on York Street on Nov. 11. The Interstate Brands Corp. deliveryman told cops that he had parked between Bridge and Gold streets at around 1:30 pm to deliver some goods. When he returned to his ride 30 minutes later, the rear doors were open and he was missing $215 in tasty treats.

— Stephen Brown