Man found dead in Bed-Stuy trash chute

Photo Aug 12, 8 08 01 AM
Cops found a dead man crushed in a Bed-Stuy trash chute Friday morning.
Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

A man was found dead early Friday morning in the confines of a Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment building’s garbage chute.

Cops responded to the scene a little after 4 a.m. at the Medgar Evers Apartments on Gates Avenue, where they found a man in his 50s dead on arrival after opening the trash chute on the ground floor. The man’s body had suffered severe trauma from being crushed within the building’s trash compactor.

As of yet, cops are not considering the man’s death to be suspicious, instead believing he somehow managed to enter the chute himself instead of being put there. Police said the Office of the Medical Examiner is conducting an investigation into the unidentified man’s cause of death.

The unidentified deceased man was recovered from the trash chute on the building’s ground floor. It’s unclear how he died, or ended up in the chute.Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

The building’s property manager declined to comment when reached by Brooklyn Paper.

The trash chute man’s macabre demise is not the first grisly death seen in the Big Apple this year. In March, twice-convicted killer Marceline Harvey was charged with murder at the ripe age of 83 after a number of body parts were found in trash bags strewn across East New York. A search of Harvey’s Cypress Hills home turned up the severed head of her 68-year-old companion Susan Leyden. Harvey has pled not guilty to the charges.

In April, Queens handyman David Bonola was cuffed for the murder of Orsolya Gaal, whose bloodied body was found by a dog in a duffel bag near her Forest Hills home. Bonola has pled not guilty, even though he confessed to the crime, saying that he and Gaal had carried on a sumptuous affair that ended in the fatal stabbing following an argument at her home.