Meet the mustaches

Meet the mustaches
Photo by Mike P

Who will win this year’s Mustache and Beard Competition on Sept. 10 at Coney Island? Here’s our guide to understanding the different styles:

The Natural
Myk O’Connor, a legend of the game, sports a foot-long natural that he says makes him feel like a man. He’s a two-time Coney winner, and this year is giving others a chance, and will be a judge instead.
Photo by Karolina Wojtasik

— Susannah Lark

The Selleck
Eric H. Brown, another two-time winner, sports a red mustache inspired by the “Magnum P.I.” star. This will be Brown’s first year competing in the “Natural” category.
Photo by Eric Henry Brown

The Bushman
Upstate New Yorker Steve Cline loves attention, so he goes with a big bushy goatee, complete with silvery gray flashes.
Photo by Steve Cline