Mill Basin Prima Pasta: That’s Italian

In this crazy, fast-paced world, even something as unique as true love comes and goes.

Yet the love of fine Italian food is forever, especially if you find little culinary gems like Mill Basin Prima Pasta.

Popping up in the most unexpected of places — a quaint and quiet tree-lined strip of storefronts on Avenue T between East 58th and East 59th Streets — Prima Pasta has a hometown, Main Street USA feel that can’t be matched.

Yet at the same time it’s all New York: once you walk past the inviting bay windows, walk through the welcoming frot doors and step inside, you’re eyes are quickly drawn to the photos of Manhattan’s iconic skyline.

If that’s not enough, the friendly and thoughtful neighborhood college kids taking your order will make it clear to you that no, you’re not in Kansas. You’re definitely in Brooklyn.

Since opening in 1993, Prima Pasta has become the destination for hearty Italian fare in southern Brooklyn.

And there’s no doubt why: everything from their Margherita Pizza to their Fettuccine ala Salvatore has been carefully prepared from time-tested, mouth-watering recipes made with the freshest ingredients.

They also make their own bread, with legendary staples like the Pizza Bread and Garlic Knots, which can always be found in plentiful portions on the table for everyone to enjoy.

Diners will get dizzy from all of the entree selections they have to offer, from their Chicken Scarpariello, lovingly infused with garlic, white wine, lemon and rosemary, to the dangerously delectable Spaghetti Fra Diavolo, where sautéed shrimp rest comfortably over a bed of spaghetti peppered with a spicy marinara sauce.

Even the standards like Chicken Parmigiana and Pasta Alfredo — standards at any Italian restaurant — are done to perfection.

Prima Pasta is unique, especially in one aspect: What’s better than scrumptious Italian food? More of it of course!

The restaurant is legendary for its heaping helpings. No matter what you order, there’ll be so much food on the plate you’d think your Italian grandmother was in the kitchen, telling you to keep eating because you’re too skinny.

At the same time they’re heart-healthy, offering diners whole wheat pastas that go superbly with their Penne Provenzale Platter, a masterful assemblage of artichoke hearts, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and chicken.

To be clear: I love food, but an entree at Prima Pasta can be more than even I can handle.

Still, if you’re up to the challenge, you can ask for the all-Brooklyn Dessert Menu, which offers a wide variety of creamy Junior’s Cheesecakes.

Now, many would think that all of this food would cost a fortune, but the owners of Prima Pasta know how difficult it is to dine out in these hard economic times.

Go to their Web site at www.primapastabrooklynny.com, and you’ll be able to print out their “buy one entree, get one free” and “buy one pasta, get one free” coupons — a perfect stimulus package for your appetite.

If that’s not enough, Prima Pasta hosts scrumptious all-you-can-eat buffets from their marvelous menu every Monday and Tuesday night, so one can sample everything they have to offer for just $10.95.

But who needs to dine in? Their takeout service is just as popular for families on the go.

Mill Basin Prima Pasta [5821 Avenue T between East 58th and East 59th Streets (718) 209-1030]. For a look at their menu and to print out coupons, visit www.primapastabrooklynny.com.