More computer thefts at PS107

Compu-served! City will replace PS 107’s stolen computers
The Brooklyn Paper / Bess Adler

A Park Slope elementary school that had 30 laptops stolen last month has been hit again, with thieves taking 21 more MacBook computers on Monday.

And for the second straight month, parents and educators are blaming Komi Construction, which is doing restoration work on the 100-year-old PS 107 building, which is between 13th and 14th streets.

“It’s really a shame,” said PS 107 Principal Cynthia Holton. “My custodian made sure the building was all clear on Sunday night, but someone still managed to get in and take the computers.”
Police said they found no evidence of a break-in, fueling suspicion that the burglaries are an inside job. A Komi security guard is posted outside of the school at all times and was on-duty the night of the burglary.
Komi denied culpability, but Holton isn’t feeling confident, saying that she will replace the building’s locks to prevent additional thefts.
“I know it looks as if no one broke into the school this time, but the new locks will make me feel as if the school will be safer,” said the distressed principal.

Principal Cynthia Holton is beside herself.
The Brooklyn Paper / Bess Adler