Mugging on the Williamsburg Bridge!

90th Precinct


Bridge cutter

A cycling perp mugged a woman on the Williamsburg Bridge on July 15.

The victim told police she was walking towards Bedford Avenue on the bridge path at 9:38 pm when the thief approached her on his bicycle, flashing an orange box cutter, and shouting, “Shut up! Give me the phone!”

The woman surrendered the phone and $30, and the thief fled toward S. Sixth Street.

Food fight

This wasn’t on the dollar menu.

An erratic hooligan allegedly slashed a 59-year-old man’s neck outside a Broadway McDonalds on July 17, but was later arrested by cops.

Cops say that the perp left the chain restaurant at 7:05 pm, when he picked a fight with a man and cut his neck with a knife.

He ran down Havemeyer Street and threw the knife into some weeds, but an officer caught up with the suspect.

Stoop assault

A perp slugged a man with a glass bottle on July 17 because he was asked to get off the victim’s Keap Street stoop.

The victim, a building superintendent, approached the perp at 11 am and asked him to get up. But the perp get angry, picked up a beer bottle, and struck the super’s face with it.

He ran away on S. First Street, and police later arrested a man fitting the description of the criminal.

Purse snatch

A perp snatched a woman’s purse as she was about to walk into a Moore Street apartment on July 17.

The woman tried to enter her building at 1:25 am, when the perp approached her and grabbed her purse. She chased him down White Street but he got away.

Grand heist

A van full of thieves stole jewelry, clothing and cash form a Grand Street boutique on July 14.

The perps parked their van in front of the store near Bushwick Avenue at 6:20 pm. One took out a black handgun and pointed it at the manager, while the other two tied him up with duct tape.

The perps then took the manager’s watch and wallet, and helped themselves to $3,220 from the register and more than 14,000 worth of clothing and jewelry.

Chevy chase

A perp stole a Chevy suburban on Seigel Street on July 15.

The driver parked his car at 4 pm, but it was gone when he returned to the spot near White Street at 2 pm the next day.

— Aaron Short