Na zdrowie! Polish cafeteria to get beer license

Na zdrowie! Polish cafeteria to get beer license
Community Newspaper Group / Aaron Short

Greenpoint’s best-kept hole-in-the-wall Polish joint is about to become the Next Big Thing.

The Polish Slavic Center Cafeteria on Kent Street — a hangout for locals of Eastern European descent — just got approved for a beer and wine license by Community Board 1.

Bring on the hipsters!

Greenpoint’s Rich Mazur can’t wait to stop and enjoy a cold glass of Zwyiec or Lech on the patio.

“The food there is excellent,” said Mazur. “It’s relatively inexpensive. A lot of people go there already, but this is a welcome rounding off of the menu.”

Polish Slavic Center Director Bozena Kaminski said that the cafeteria’s regular customers have asked for alcohol with their meals at dinner — an indication that a liquor license could turn those pierogies, borscht and kotlets into some real green.

“People like to have a glass of wine with their dumplings,” Kaminski said, in one of the great understatements of all time.

Beer or no beer, the cafeteria is famous for its $2 soup — vegetable, barley, and pea soup was on the menu on Wednesday — that may be the best deal in Greenpoint.

Customers also recommended the red borscht with dumplings, veal cutlet, pork stew, and the cabbage and mushroom pierogis which are made-to-order and cost only $5.50 for a plate of eight.

“It’s very clean and the food is homemade and fresh,” said Michael Levine, a Park Slope resident who stopped by for lunch this week with two friends. “It’s not like a deli. It’s definitely not fast food. You can’t find this kind of cooking at a reasonable price much these days.”

Polish Slavic Center Cafeteria [177 Kent St. at Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, (718) 349-1033]. Open 11 am-7 pm.