New Bushwick gym is clean and green

New Bushwick gym is clean and green
The Brooklyn Paper / Andy Campbell

Exercise may be healthy, but, man, it takes a huge toll on the environment.

But at the new Green Fitness Studio in Bushwick, which could be Brooklyn’s first environmentally conscious gym, all the fitness equipment is made from recycled metal, the exercise floor itself is comprised of recycled rubber, and the treadmills, steppers and endless ladder machines are powered by kinetic energy (that’s your legs, folks).

Al Gore — you no longer have an excuse not to get in shape.

“This community needed a gym and we wanted it to be as eco-friendly as possible while offering a full range of services,” said Rachel Devlin, the one-month old gym’s manager.

A full range, indeed. Trainers on staff offer a range of yoga and fitness courses in a separate atrium; there’s an organic, locally grown smoothie bar in the corner, and infrared saunas that use 50-percent less energy than hot rock or steam saunas.

Heck, there’s even free WiFi on energy-efficient, LCD screens on the treadmills.

“That’s perfect for using my Netflix account to watch videos and listen to music,” Devlin said.

Of course, a high-tech, clean and green fitness joint comes a price — it’s $150 to enroll, and $79 per month with a one-year contract. Then again, Green Studio wouldn’t be truly crunchy if it didn’t offer discounts to the needy.

“We can work with people on a sliding scale,” Devlin said. “We know these are tough times.”

Green Fitness Studio [232 Varet St. between White and Bogart streets in Bushwick, (347) 559-0663]. For info, visit www.greenfitnessstudio.com.