Local wine connoisseurs prepare to open Whoopsie Daisy wine bar in Crown Heights

owners of whoopsie daisy wine bar
Team behind Fiasco Wine and Spirits are preparing to open new wine bar, Whoopsie Daisy in Crown Heights.
Photo courtesy of Fiasco/ Instagram

Ivy Mix, Piper Kristensen and Conor McKee, owners of popular wine and spirit shop Fiasco in Crown Heights, have partnered up once again on Whoopsie Daisy Wine Bar, set to open its doors in April.

Offering a selection of natural and biodynamic wines  — which will all be available to purchase down the street at Fiasco — specially curated cocktails and simple-but-tasty snacks, Whoopsie Daisy’s founders say it is set to be the perfect casual watering hole for visitors and locals alike.

Like at Fiasco, the wine bar will emphasize quality over quantity, with a menu featuring a wide selection of traditional to obscure wines and beverages. The wine importers and producers will be selected by their farming and cultivation practices, with a special focus on regions and communities that have negatively been impacted by both natural and manmade disasters.

Team behind Fiasco to open new wine bar, Whoopsie Daisy in Crown Heights.
The wine bar will serve carefully-curated wines and cocktails.Photo courtesy of Fiasco/ Instagram

Instead of a traditional cocktail menu, Whoopsie Daisy will offer limited selections of stirred spirits and highballs, collaborating with producers to highlight each individual product. All drinks are intended to be low-waste, ensuring no additional or unnecessary food waste will be created just for a garnish on a beverage. Sustainability is part of Fiasco’s ethos and will continue through the team’s newest venture at Whoopsie Daisy with their continued practice of eliminating garnishes and using reusable wine kegs.

For food, Whoopsie Daisy won’t be providing four-course meals anytime soon, but instead will focus on simple and delicious bites designed to complement the drinks. Some tasty treats include simple bread and butter, tinned fish, cheese, charcuterie and a classic chocolate chip cookie from Ridgewood’s L’imprimerie bakery with milk from Battenkill Creamery. Many of Whoopsie Daisy’s culinary offerings will be sourced from local businesses and vendors. 

The bar, located at 225 Rogers Ave., is a roomy 1,000 square feet with space for 35 people, with a seasonal 30-person, 700-square-foot outdoor patio space.

Whoopsie Daisy will also continue their practice of facilitating and cultivating culinary and drink interest in their staff, some of whom will overlap from Fiasco. 

“Like Fiasco, we want our employees to be great at their jobs, not just when they’re working for us but for the rest of their careers,” said co-owner Ivy Mix in a statement March 22. “If someone shows interest, we will create opportunities to provide education in wine and spirits as well as create connections in the industry through trips to producers, pop ups and culinary festivals in different cities, and more.”

Once operational, Whoopsie Daisy will be open 2-11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday; and from 4-11 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday through Friday.