One-ring circus! Unicycles roll up to circle-themed show at Coney

One-ring circus! Unicycles roll up to circle-themed show at Coney
Photo by Steven Schnibbe

There are no squares in this crowd.

To show off their love for anything that rolls or could possibly roll, a group of unicyclists and their friends are putting on a show at Coney Island featuring all things circular.

“There are so many unicyclists who are performers, but it is hard to find nine acts that are all different from one another, so we decided to make the unifying theme the wheel,” said show organizer and performer Kyle Peterson.

The show is just one component of Brooklyn Unicycle Day, which is a part of the weekend-long New York City Unicyclist Festival that culminates on Governor’s Island.

On the evening of Aug. 29, more than 70 unicyclists will ride across the Brooklyn Bridge and through the borough all the way to Coney Island, where they will settle at Coney Island USA’s Shooting Gallery Annex.

There, the unicyclists will bust out their spherical shticks. Peterson will juggle while riding a unicycle, but some performers not on the single-wheeled cycles will get a-round with objects such as a trapeze hoop, hula hoops, and spinning plates.

And the globular good-times don’t have to end there, said Peterson.

“You can ride your unicycle to the show and then afterward, you can go ride the Wonder Wheel,” he said. “It is all wheels all the time.”

“One Wheel Stage Show” at Coney Island USA’s Shooting Gallery Annex (214 Surf Ave. between Stillwell Avenue and W. 12th Street in Coney Island, www.nycun‌ifest.com). Aug. 29 at 8 pm. $10 with a unicycle, $15 with no wheels.

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