Our ‘Weekender’ tells you where to go

This weekend, a beer crawl like it oughta be
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Working for the weekend? Here are 10 more reasons why, “the outer boroughs,” is the worst misnomer since killer whales and koala bears (as if you needed ’em).

• Who says the Wild West is dead? Well, these guys do. Zombies and cowpokes galore at the Bushwick Starr this weekend.

• What’s that? Thrifty spending AND drunken debauchery in one convenient location? You’ll be on your knees for sure after this North Brooklyn beer crawl.

• Dive into the history of Brooklyn’s most beloved waterway, with aquatic artifacts from the East River going on display at IKEA Erie Basin Park (yes, pirates are included).

• Hustle to the Brooklyn Museum to see the awesome new Vishnu exhibition.

• Toast to hot dogs, beer nuts and what just might be the best view in the city, courtesy of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

• Pay respects to the dead — in person — at Green-Wood Cemetery, where the Spoon River Project is running until this Sunday.

• Harken back to Brooklyn’s golden age (of golden, smoked fish, that is). No hook, line, or sinker required — just head on down to this new-old appetizing store on Smith Street.

• Witness the tragic downfall of a timeless Coney Island institution — illegal furniture stores — as they prepare to pull down their shutters for the last time (ottomans for cheap!).

• Summer blues? (Yeah right.) Pop into Park Slope’s Tea Lounge for a bona-fide how-to on keeping calm and carrying on.

• Flee up North for the afternoon, where Williamsburg’s DIY-types are giving the Brooklyn Flea a run for its money (pound cake and jazz music included).

And as always, these and other great events are in our exclusive family calendar, our great nightlife calendar, and our matchless events calendar.

Go see a zombie Western!
Photo by Jessica Olm