Postal worker critically injured in Canarsie car crash

postal worker
A U.S. Postal Service worker was critically injured Tuesday afternoon after a speeding driver crashed into his car.
Photo by Todd Maisel

A U.S. Postal Service worker was critically injured on Tuesday after a speeding driver blew through a stop sign and struck his car on a Canarsie street corner, police said. 

The driver of a grey Mercedes Benz, allegedly traveling at high speed northbound along E. 105th Street, broadsided the postal worker’s Subaru Forester, which was heading east on Avenue L at 2:02 pm. 

The impact caused the Subaru to smash into a parked Nissan pick-up truck before mounting the sidewalk and flipping onto its side against a brick wall.

Officers from the 69th Precinct and firefighters raced to the scene and worked for 20 minutes to cut the postal worker out of the Subaru, where the victim’s USPS uniform hung on the door frame. The worker was unconscious and unresponsive, and was rushed to Brookdale Hospital in critical condition with a severe head injury, police said. 

postal worker
It took 20 minutes for rescuers to get the injured postal worker out of his car.Photo by Todd Maisel

The driver of the Mercedes Benz remained on the scene, and no charges have been filed as of Wednesday morning. 

The crash could be heard from blocks away, according to witnesses.

“It sounded like an explosion,” said one resident who didn’t want to be identified. “Then firemen came and they had to cut him out. It was horrible.”

Another local said that far too many drivers speed in the neighborhood. 

“I live right here, that’s my neighbor. My daughter called me and said, ‘Did you hear that, mommy?’” said Mercedes Narcisse, a neighborhood activist and candidate for City Council. “They drive too fast over here, I’m usually standing right here talking politics … The drag racing around here has to stop.”

The NYPD Collision Investigation Squad was on scene looking to determine the cause of the crash, police said. 

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