This is why we love Paul Martinka

This is why we love Paul Martinka
Photo by Paul Martinka

Here’s a little story about weather photos. Will you indulge us for a second?

So, we send our photographer, Paul Martinka, to the beach yesterday, you know, for the standard, “Wow, it’s hot out there” photo.

No biggie.

And Martinka sends back a few photos — crowded beach shots, crowded Stillwell Avenue station shots, ice cream vendor stuff, men-playing-football topless shots, etc. It’s good — and we’re not afraid to tell you that we were really enjoying Martinka’s cavalcade of Coney carnality.

And then we got to a series of photos of women in bikinis.

These were good shots — nothing we haven’t seen before, of course (hey, we’ve been doing this for a while).

And then we got to the shot of the women holding a thermometer.

“He did it!” editor Vince DiMiceli shouted. “Martinka did it! The guy’s a genius.”

“Better than that,” editor Gersh Kuntzman added. “Now it’s not gratuitous cheesecake — it’s a news photo!”

So let the record show, at noon on Thursday, the temperature in Coney Island hit 90.