This is why we love Paul Martinka

This is why we love Paul Martinka
It was really really hot at Coney Island on Thursday. And the temperature was in the 90s, too, as (from left) Melanie Sommer, Karina Teller, Krystyn Gabbert, Stephanie Delgado, Crystal Sommer, Bianca Planas and Elsa Milani showed.
Photo by Paul Martinka

Here’s a little story about weather photos. Will you indulge us for a second?

So, we send our photographer, Paul Martinka, to the beach yesterday, you know, for the standard, “Wow, it’s hot out there” photo.

No biggie.

And Martinka sends back a few photos — crowded beach shots, crowded Stillwell Avenue station shots, ice cream vendor stuff, men-playing-football topless shots, etc. It’s good — and we’re not afraid to tell you that we were really enjoying Martinka’s cavalcade of Coney carnality.

And then we got to a series of photos of women in bikinis.

These were good shots — nothing we haven’t seen before, of course (hey, we’ve been doing this for a while).

And then we got to the shot of the women holding a thermometer.

“He did it!” editor Vince DiMiceli shouted. “Martinka did it! The guy’s a genius.”

“Better than that,” editor Gersh Kuntzman added. “Now it’s not gratuitous cheesecake — it’s a news photo!”

So let the record show, at noon on Thursday, the temperature in Coney Island hit 90.

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