Two law firms are crime victims

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Outlaw firms

At least two law firm employees were robbed last week. Here are Exhibits A and B:

• A sneaky thief snagged a woman’s wallet at a law firm on Court Street on Feb. 1.

The victim told cops she left her pocketbook on a desk at the William Rothberg Law Office, near Fulton Street, at around 12:45 pm. When she returned, 35 minutes later, it was gone.

The thief later used one of her credit cards to buy a Metrocard.

• A jerk stole a laptop and cash from a Court Street firm on Jan. 29.

The 37-year-old victim told cops someone sneaked into Smith Company Law Group, near Joralemon Street, at about 5 pm. A couple hours later, the office worker discovered his $1,100 Coach brand briefcase, $700 laptop and $300 cash were missing.

Teen tackle

A gang of thugs beat up a teenager and jacked his electronic goodies on Fulton Street on Feb. 1.

The 15-year-old victim told cops he was strolling near Bond Street at 5:10 pm, when 10 men attacked him, punching him in the face and causing a gash on his left cheek. With the victim debilitated, they took his Blackberry cellphone and iPod.

Trendy crook

A jerk snatched a bunch of fancy apparel and a laptop from a gym locker at the frequent crime scene, Planet Fitness on Duffield Street, on Feb. 3.

The victim told cops he locked his computer, Diesel brand duffel and Guess brand wristwatch inside a locker at the gym, which is near Fulton Street, at around 11:15 am, before heading for his workout. A few hours later, he discovered someone had apparently picked his lock — and that his stuff was gone.

Bad car-ma

A jerk stole an out-of-towner’s car parked on Bergen Street on Feb. 4.

The victim, who is from North Carolina, told cops that she parked and locked her 2004 Honda Accord near Third Avenue at 7 pm. When she returned five hours later, it was nowhere to be found.

Party crime

A knife-wielding thug stabbed a teenager on Atlantic Avenue on Feb. 5.

The 14-year-old victim told cops that he was leaving a party at the YMCA, near Court Street, at around 11:05 pm, when three people attacked him from behind. The thugs punched him and one stabbed him in the back before running away.

Kindle grab

A brazen thief snagged a woman’s wireless reading device right out of her hands on the subway.

The victim told cops that she was onboard the F train at around 11 am on Feb. 3 and was preoccupied with her Kindle device, which she kept in a green case. As the train entered the Bergen Street station, a thief snatched it and slipped out of the train.

Cops recommend reading a print publication, like ours, to avoid such crimes.

Camera case

A jerk snatched a sweet camera from a coffee drinker on Front Street on Feb. 5.

The 53-year-old victim told cops that he left his $1,400 Nikon D300 on a table at Starbucks for just a few minutes at around 1:10 pm. He soon discovered that his beautiful toy was gone.

Shop snatch

A thief stole a worker’s purse from a bread shop on Hicks Street on Jan. 30

The 64-year-old victim told cops she was setting up shop, near Remsen Street, at around 10 am, when she placed her purse by the entrance of the door. After she opened the store, she discovered her purse was gone.

Inside was $45 and a library card.

— Natalie O’Neill