What happened to the ‘Gay Boy’? A grocer scrubs his controversial sandwiches

A new grocery store in Bushwick, Hanna Natural, has changed the mildly offensive names of some of its sandwiches.

So much for ordering a Gay Boy with extra cheese.

Bushwick’s newest grocery store, Hana Natural, hastily scrubbed a line of controversially named sandwiches — including the “Gay Boy,” “Butter Face” and the Mexican-inspired “Illegal” — after neighbors of the Wyckoff Avenue grocery complained.

So the “Butter Face,” a $6 wrap with veggie sausage, white eggs, avocado and sun-dried tomato is now labeled, “Farmer’s Tan.”

The “Gay Boy,” stuffed with egg, veggie bacon, veggie cheese, avocado, sprouts and sun dried tomato, is now called the “Garden Boy” ($7).

And a wrap with eggs, spicy turkey, cheese, jalapeno and avocado formerly known as the “Illegal,” has been renamed “South of the Border” ($6).

The names have puzzled customers, who eagerly anticipated an array of tasty, yet affordable, sandwiches named after Shrek characters that have been offered at Hana’s original store on Metropolitan Avenue.

An employee at the 24-hour Bushwick store could not recall why the sandwich names had been changed or where the sandwich names came from. The store’s owner did not return calls asking for comment.

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