Williamsburg nightclub launches online concert series

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 3.28.49 PM
Peter Katz of Peaer, who is playing in the first installment of Baby’s All Right’s digital concert series.
Photo by Ben Davis

Williamsburg nightclub Baby’s All Right is going digital, the venue announced Tuesday. 

To support its out-of-work staff while the brick and mortar performance space is shut down, the Broadway haunt will host a series of online concerts featuring both big-name and up-and-coming indie rockers. Best of all, fans can access the series for just five bucks, but with the option to donate more.

“Baby’s All Right is and forever will be about creating a community and a space for artists and fans to come together in love and unity,” the venue said in a statement on Instagram. “It’s a mission that could never be accomplished without our dedicated and loving staff, all of whom are now very suddenly out of work.”

The shows will be live-streamed from the artist’s homes or a space of their choosing, and fans will have the chance to interact with performers through by messaging them and requesting songs. Proceeds will go to Baby’s staff, the artists, and Make The Road New York, a grassroots advocacy group. 

Slowcore outfit Peaer will kick off the first night of performances at 8 pm on April 1, alongside “bedroom pop” band Why Bonnie. Future acts will include Locate S,1, Jotay, and Cam Tony (Mac DeMarco).   

Peter Katz of Peaer says he’s approaching the live-stream as any other solo, intimate show, which he’ll stream from his house just by setting up a camera and a few microphones. 

Katz says the virtual set provides him the opportunity to play around with new material and takes off some of the pressure that usually goes along with performing before an audience of warm bodies.

“Some of the pressure is alleviated,” Katz said. “You can feel more comfortable taking more chances. If you mess up, there’s no fourth wall.” 

And, Katz said, asking folks to log on to a live-stream is easier than asking them to schlep out to Bushwick for a show, which alleviates some of the pressure for drawing an audience.

“It’s not like we’re asking people to go out of their way to see us,” Katz said. “It’s kind of like, tune in if you like.” 

Baby TV, letswatchbabytv.online. April 1-4 at 8 pm, $5