Pilferers assault victim with baseball bat

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Bat-hit crazy

Three highway robbers hit a victim with a bat, before mugging him on Stillwell Avenue on Jan. 11. 

The victim told police that the robbers assaulted him between Neptune Avenue and the Stillwell Avenue Bridge around 2:21 am, before snagging $800 from his pocket.


Appliance hunting crooks hauled a refrigerator, a microwave, and other household goods from a Bay 49th Street home on Jan. 3. 

The victim told police that the rascals damaged the front and side door when breaking into the residence between Harway and Cropsey avenues around 9 am, before swiping the $2,700 worth of property. 


A weasel swiped computers and assorted wines from a Brighton Third Street medical office on Jan. 8. 

The victim told police he left the office between Brighton Second Walk and Brighton Second Lane around 8 pm, and returned to find the $2,500 worth of property was missing.