Slimeball paints swastika inside subway station


Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Act of hate

A scumbag painted a swastika inside the 15th Street-Prospect Park subway station on Feb. 17.

A witness reported the hateful symbol to police inside the station near Prospect Park West just after midnight, and city employees later removed the graffiti.


A couple of raiders vandalized a Seventh Avenue nail salon on Feb. 12.

The business owner told police that ten reprobates smashed the window of the store near 59th street at 4 am, and smashed the store up with baseball bats. 

Chain of fools 

Cops cuffed a suspect for allegedly beating another man with a chain on Fifth Avenue on Feb. 16. 

A police officer witnessed the man allegedly striking the victim with the chain several times near 50th Street at around 12:40 am, causing severe bruising and swelling. 

Officers cuffed the man and charged him with felony assault. 

Shopping spree 

Some galoot tried to scam his employer on 37th Street on Feb. 11.

The victim told police that his employee stole his credit card from their workplace near Second Avenue at around 6 pm, and used it to swindle $1,627 worth of cash and property.