Coronavirus count: NYC death count breaks 10,000

coronavirus count
More than 2,500 Brooklynites have died from the virus, while the citywide death rate tops 10,000.
Photo by Todd Maisel

The number of coronavirus-related deaths continues to climb in New York City.

New York City has a total of 107,263 COVID-19 cases as of 4:30 pm on April 14, the Department of Health announced. An estimated 6,589 confirmed COVID-19 patients have died from the virus, while about 3,778 “probable cases” have died, according to an official report. The probable cases are patients who are presumed to have died of coronavirus, but were never tested.

The report is the city’s first public count of unconfirmed COVID-19 deaths. Health officials released the new data one week after a Gothamist/WNYC article revealed the high number of at-home coronavirus-related deaths — and suggested the city was drastically undercounting the virus’ death toll. 

Queens continues to lead the way with 33,616 total coronavirus cases and 2,105 deaths, as of 4:30 p.m. on April 14. Brooklyn is second with 28,183 cases and 1,869 deaths, followed by the Bronx with 23,426 cases and 1,512 deaths.

Manhattan currently has 13,740 reported cases of coronavirus and 756 deaths, followed by Staten Island with 8,236 cases and 345 deaths.

Of the 107,263 cases of coronavirus, an estimated 29,511 of them have been hospitalized, according to the DOH.