Fast, furious and busted

Wild ride

A 34-year-old tried to turn a 2010 Ford Fusion he borrowed from Dollar Rental into a hot rod seen in “The Fast and the Furious” on Dec. 17 as he took police on a crazy chase through Canarsie.

Officials said that they tried to pull the man over near the corner of Avenue K and E. 93rd Street at 3:20 pm, but the motorist refused to stop.

Instead, he charged ahead, sparking a multi-block chase during which he swerved in and out of oncoming traffic and rammed the cop car as it got alongside him.

Cops ultimately forced the motorist to stop, but he tried to fight the officers off before being taken into custody.

Police believe that the motorist sped off because he did not want to give up the rental, which he took out for a spin on Nov. 26 and never returned.

Boozin’ for a bruisin

With a blood alcohol content this high, this guy shouldn’t have been standing, much less driving.

A 52-year-old man was arrested on Dec. 20 for “DWCL” — Driving While Completely Loaded.

The motorist was driving a 2003 Jeep Hummer down Canarsie Road between E. 93rd Street and Seaview Avenue at 8:14 pm when he slammed into a parked car.

When cops arrived at the scene, they actually found him standing outside his vehicle, pouring out a beer onto the street, officials said.

They immediately gave him a Breathalyzer test and were quite surprised by the results: He scored a .343, roughly the equivalent of a 120-pound man having 10 drinks.

Cops took him into custody for reckless driving and aggravated driving while intoxicated.

Angry assault

A 33-year-old man was arrested on Avenue L and E. 82nd Street on Dec. 20 following a violent exchange.

The man was arguing with his victim near E. 82nd Street at 8:35 am, when he grabbed a knife and threatened to stab the other man with it.

He then attacked, leaving his victim with a smattering of bruises.

Cops arrested the thug a short time later, charging him with assault and criminal possession of marijuana.

Rifling through clothes

A man with a rifle barrelled into a Flatlands Avenue laundromat on Dec. 13, robbing the place of $500.

Workers told police very few people were inside late night laundry at 11:52 pm, at which time the 20-year-old thug came in and ordered a worker to empty the till.

Franchise fiend

Cops are trying to determine if the same man is responsible for two recent robberies at local fast food franchises.

Workers at a Flatlands Avenue Subway restaurant said that a man entered their store on Dec. 4 and took $240 from the till.

He reportedly entered the store, which is between E. 78th and E. 79th streets, at 8 pm and acted as if he had a gun in his pocket, but never showed his pistol.

No injuries were reported.

The next day someone raided a Dunkin’ Donuts on Ralph Avenue between E. 78th and E. 79th streets at 3 pm, also pretending to have a gun in his pocket, and fled with a small amount of cash, police were told.

Cops are asking anyone with information regarding these two incidents to come forward. Calls can be made to the 69th Precinct at (718) 257-6211. All calls will be kept confidential.

Help wipe out graffiti

As the ongoing war against graffiti vandalism continues, cops are offering a $500 reward to anyone with information that can help them arrest neighborhood vandals.

The hefty reward is part of the city’s ongoing push to rid New York of graffiti, the leading quality of life complaint brought to police.

Anyone with information about graffiti vandalism in their neighborhood is urged to contact either 311 or 911.