Forget the daughters — lock up your windows, Canarsie

Burglars are running wild in Canarsie’s 69th Precinct.

As of April 25, there had already been 74 burglaries, an increase of more than 60 percent compared to a year earlier, when 46 were reported in the same time period.

Capt. Milt Marmara called it “a big spike,” but said there’s an easy way to cut down on the thefts: shut your windows.

In about 25 percent of the incidents, the perpetrators entered through open windows or doors.

“If you leave a window open, it’s so easy,” Marmara said. “They cut the screen and they are in and out in a minute.”

In recent days, the frequency of the crime has increased, Marmara said, noting that in the 28-day period ending April 25, there had been 21 burglaries, compared to seven during the same period last year, for a whopping 200-percent increase.

In particular, recent burglaries have been concentrated in three different areas of the precinct: Between East 86th and East 95th streets, from Avenue J to Avenue N; in the area of Flatlands 5th to Flatlands 7th streets, between East 102nd and East 108th streets; and between East 102nd and East 107th streets, between Flatlands Avenue and Avenue J.

The current spike in burglaries follows a spike that occurred in January, Marmara said. After that first spike, the precinct had “made a few arrests,” he added.

In response to this latest spike, the precinct has put added officers, both in uniform and in plainclothes, out on the street, particularly in the Flatlands area, said Marmara.

“We are going to keep looking out for these individuals and try to catch them as best we can,” he assured the group.

Most of the burglaries are taking place in the daytime, between 10 am and 2 pm, when people are away from home. Marmara told the group.

The methodology employed by the perps is meant to make it easy to get in and get out with people’s valuables. “They like private houses where there’s a driveway and no car in the driveway,” Marmara explained.

The thieves are extremely quick, Marmara added. After ringing the doorbell or knocking to ascertain that no one is at home, they may go away, only to return a short time later to try to get in through a back window or door, he said, making off with such valuables as big screen TVs, jewelry and cash.

The increase in burglaries follows a year of record decline, In all of 2009, there were 166, making it “the best year as far as burglaries” for the precinct, Marmara said.